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Back 2 School List (B2SL), an essential web app designed to streamline your search for school supplies in the Metro Birmingham, Shelby County area, and others for the upcoming academic year 2024-2025.
B2SL (2024-2025 School Year) - v2024.07.11

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Project Sponsors 🍎
Back 2 School List (B2SL) proudly acknowledges our sponsors for their financial contributions to the project’s research and data entry, particularly for sponsored schools. Their support ensures the accuracy and timely updates of our data. Thank you for helping us make a difference in education.
School List Popual Items 📓
After evaluating the school supply lists, we’ve observed that each school has its unique culture in listing and describing items. However, some items are consistently popular across all schools. You can navigate to the “Popular Items” section to see the list of these commonly requested supplies.
How does B2SL Work
Filter Schools
Navigate to the “Schools” page and use the filters to narrow down the list of schools by Grade and City. Select the appropriate grade level and your city from the dropdown menus, or use the text search to find specific schools. Combine the search options for more refined results. Clicking on a selected City or Grade will toggle the button, allowing you to easily add or remove filters.
Select Your School
choose your school from the filtered list.
Select the Grade
Once you’ve selected your school, pick the appropriate grade for your student.o search for items, click on the respective button for Amazon, Walmart, Target, or Office Depot. This will navigate to the app (if installed) or the website and search for the selected school supply item.
View School Supply List
Review the list of school supplies needed for the selected grade.
Optional: View Item Details
Click on an item to see more details. Within the item detail view, click the button for Amazon, Walmart, Target, or Office Depot to search for the item on the respective app (if installed) or website. Some items may have direct links to the product page on the specified store’s website.

B2SL - Alabama (Birmingham, Hoover, Chelsea, Pelham and others)

Selected Schools for the irmingham, Hoover, Chelsea, Pelham, or Shelby county metropolitan areas (and others)

Back 2 School List (B2SL), Metro Birmingham, Shelby County area, and others for the upcoming academic year 2024-2025Back 2 School List (B2SL), Metro Birmingham, Shelby County area, and others for the upcoming academic year 2024-2025



Birmingham, Calera, Chelsea, + more

Number of Schools

31 Schools

Main Sponsor

Parade Builder
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Sponsorsed Communities

Melrose Landing

Melrose Landing is an emerging community nestled just off Highway 280 on Highway 41, marking a serene retreat for those looking to call this picturesque locale their home.

Birmingham, AL 35242
Sponsored by : Parade Builder
B2SL School Year Sponsors
Silver Level Sponsor
Parade Builders
Parade Builder is designed to highlight the best in new construction, offering a unique Parade of Homes format that brings the latest in community and home design trends directly to your fingertips. Assigned schools are part of the Community .
Silver Level Sponsor
Vision Technology Now, LLC
We are proud to be a sponsor of the 2024-2025 Back 2 School List. Providing technical solutions using Web, Database, API, and Business Intelligence toolsets. Once solutions are proven, we offer solutions to medium and large companies to provide solutions to a larger audience.
Silver Level Sponsor
We are glad to sponsor the Back 2 School List Application. Teachers and Schools need all the help we can get. Senior Full Stack Developer: Next.js / React.js / Business Intelligence Developer / SQL Developer, using over 20+ years of development experience to implement solutions using current and new technologies, from desktop to mobile, the goal and the focus are to use innovation and technology to make the client's and users' tasks, jobs, and lives better.

Back 2 School List (B2SL), Metro Birmingham, Shelby County area, and others for the upcoming academic year 2024-2025

B2SL (2024-2025 School Year) - v2024.07.11